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Do you like the idea of a tarmac driveway?

 Blockmasters Paving Durham provides professional tarmac and asphalt surfacing solutions for all types of residential and commercial buildings.

Including tarmac driveways, private and public car parks, roads. Forecourts, playgrounds, housing developments. Virtually anywhere where a smooth, lasting tarmac or asphalt finish is needed around Durham and the North East of England. 

It’s true! There are many tarmac contractors that you can call, but how do you know you are calling the right one?

With Blockmasters Paving you can guarantee that our tarmac laying process is as follows.

All our standard tarmac contracts follow this protocol:

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How we work

Full site survey: 

One of our team will visit your home or business to discuss your requirements. They will survey the area to be tarmacked, and look for obstacles such as water and gas, and make note of their location. A plan will be drawn to the exact specifications needed for the tarmac or asphalt installation. Nothing is left to chance.

Site Excavation: 

Our process involves the removal of all vegetation and  unwanted debris from the area in preparation for your tarmac Installation. This can include any existing driveway, previous surface, trees or shrubs, anything that could hinder progress of the tarmac surface.

Installation of any drainage channels: 

Proper drainage is an important part of any tarmac job, as it will avoid flooding, and pools forming on the surface. We will install drainage channels where necessary, which are attached to a soakaway, this will redirect any water away from the new surface.

Other areas that will receive attention when required: 

Installation of weed prevention felt material, plus ground preparation of all areas

Laying the Sub-base and compaction 

Installation of any edging stones or kerbstones

Laying of the course tarmac material

Final top surface of tarmac and leveling 

How long will it take to install my tarmac or asphalt?

This will depend on a few factors, such as:

The overall size, shape and complexity of the driveway: 

The bigger the Drive, and the ones that have intricate shapes and detail are much more likely to take more time than smaller-sized straight forward drives that are simple shapes in design. If the area is very small we might advise on another driveway material, as opposed to Tarmac.

Current Vegetation: 

if large trees and shrubs are sited on the land that needs excavating, then you will appreciate that this can be a more laborious, difficult and time consuming job than if the area is clear of these obstacles. Heavy roots can sometimes cause a problem, and we need to cost these into the tarmac quote.

Weather conditions: 

As with all external construction and building work, the weather conditions can be in your favour, or not! Adverse weather can sometimes hinder progress, and cause delays that are out of our control, and could add a day or two onto the timescale of a tarmac contract.

How much does a tarmac driveway cost?

The cost of a tarmac driveway depends on many factors. As with any construction project, there are several variables that can affect prices. Tarmac driveways are no different. When considering the price of your driveway it’s important to remember you won’t be paying for just one service, but instead an overall package that includes items like labour costs and use of specialist equipment and expert knowledge.


The cost of a tarmac driveway depends upon many factors, including the type of surface you require, whether or not it is a straight driveway or a curved one and what size area you want to cover. For example, a smaller surface may cost less than £3000 while larger areas can be expected to cost in excess of £10,000 for tarmac alone. Materials are another factor that plays an important role in pricing drives.

Is Tarmac Driveway any good?

Again that really depends on your taste, but it is extremely common throughout the UK – many people still prefer tarmac over other materials for an easy-to-maintain driveway. However, this does depend on how you look at things; there are lots of benefits to having a tarmac driveway, while others will argue they are bad for the environment. Tarmac is certainly cheaper than block paving, resin driveways are normally comparable to the installation of tarmac.

One of the major benefits of using Tarmac is that it has a longer lifespan than most other road surfacing materials which can minimise financial costs in the future. Tarmac surfaces are also easier to repair if they become damaged during use. Asphalt driveways are less common in Britain but are more often used on private drives where only cars are likely to be driving on them compared to public roads which will have HGVs traveling over them. 

Tarmac driveways are an extremely popular choice in the UK. Many people believe that tarmac is cheaper than block paving when it comes to driveway services, given its lower price tag. However, given the wide variety of concrete colours and unique design capabilities make block paving a very unique option compared to tarmac. These benefits make block paving more desirable for homeowners wishing to add value to their property; especially because many consider this surface beautiful enough to warrant an upgrade. 

We have countless satisfied customers who recommend our services to their friends and family, maybe you could be next! We offer many different types of tarmac driveway, whether it’s grey tarmac, black tarmac or even coloured tarmac there will always be a colour that fits your needs.

How long does a tarmac driveway last?

The length of time your tarmac driveway lasts depends on the weather conditions in your area; if you live somewhere with little or no rain, or lots of snow during winter then you may not have to worry about replacing it for many years. However, if you see heavy rainfall year-round then this will cause serious problems and will need replacing much quicker. The higher the number of vehicles that use your driveway every day, the quicker the deterioration rate – especially if they carry heavy loads such as building materials or machinery. The best tarmac for a driveway is the one that will last you for as long as possible.

What Are Tarmac Driveways?

Tarmac driveways are becoming increasingly popular as homeowners continue to search for cost effective methods of transforming their homes into high quality living spaces. With so many applications including garage drives, parking areas and front driveways, tarmac has become one of the most used materials around.

There are various factors which contribute towards how long your tarmac driveway  will last, such as where it is installed and the materials used. The most important thing to remember when laying your driveway is that your tarmac needs to be laid onto a properly compacted and prepared sub-base. If this preparation isn’t done correctly then the work will not stand the test of time and you’ll end up with a broken and uneven surface.

How Long Does It Take To Lay A Tarmac Driveway?

It usually takes between  1-3 days to lay a new tarmac driveway. The time it takes will depend on the size of your new tarmac driveway, the type of tarmac you choose and how many people are working on your project. Smaller driveways can be completed in one day whereas larger ones may take longer.

Does Tarmac Driveway Last Longer Than Concrete?

Although concrete is much cheaper than tarmac, when you consider it’s far less effective lifespan against regular road use and general wear and tear, as well as its lack of ability to withstand water damage or be sealed from the elements, it becomes apparent that tarmac is a far better value for money.

Can I just tarmac over my current tarmac driveway surface?

Tarmac driveways are the most common type of driveway constructed for domestic properties in the UK, installing tarmac means that you don’t have to wait until your old driveway has come to the end of its life before you decide if you want a new one, for example. Although it’s possible to resurface an existing tarmac driveway, this isn’t always cost effective and can cause problems by leaving the surface too thin and not providing adequate protection from stones working their way up under the remaining tarmac. The best choice would be to remove the existing driveway completely and replace it.

Is Tarmac permeable?

Tarmac is a strong material which can withstand heavy traffic, even when wet. It is also non-porous, meaning that it  does not allow water to drain through its surface, unlike block paving and resin driveways. For this reason you will need plenty of drainage around the edge of your tarmac driveway in order to stop rainwater pooling around the edges (and possibly seeping into your home) – this means installing at least one course of kerbing depending on how prominent you want your edge to be. We can construct a sufficient drainage system depending on the area which needs tarmacking. Our quotation will take all of this into account so you will have good drainage for the driveway to stop and pooling or flooding occurring.







Tarmac History

Tarmac is one type of surfacing that can be used on roads, paths, driveways and other outdoor areas. Tarmac is a British word created by using the first letters of road making material tar and macadam. Tarmac was invented in the 1950s by Edgar Purnell Hooley. He discovered that mixing slag with tar made it more durable for surfaces to be built on top of without crumbling under the pressure put upon it.  Tarmac is a term commonly used to denote road surfacing material, which is the material that coats the surface of roads. Tarmacs are essentially mixtures of aggregate materials such as sand or gravel with asphalt cement and water. These are chemically bound together using emulsifiers while they are still in liquid form before being laid down on roads by machines known as tarmac-laying vehicles. The process of producing these aggregates is called quarrying, while the machines responsible for applying it to pavements are more generally termed pavers or macadamizers.

What Is Tarmac And What Does It Do?

Tarmac is an asphaltic macadam construction material that consists of fine aggregates such as sand or crushed rock mixed with a tar-based binder. In the past, the process of combining a crushed rock aggregate with a hot or cold asphalt binder was known as ‘tarmacadam’ but today is more commonly called tarmac. In modern use “tarmac” typically refers to a road consisting of an asphaltic concrete (asphalt) covered with a topping (surface course).

In conclusion: 

Tarmac is perhaps one of the cheapest options available when looking for a new driveway or resurfacing an existing one. It is commonly used due to its strength and ease of installation while offering a wide range of design choices from the different coloured tarmac, to block paving and gravel. There are some cheap driveway companies operating in the UK which only use cheap Chinese tarmac, so it is always best to ensure that they have a quality certification such as ISO 9001 or A1 registered.

If you’re looking for quality tarmac and asphalt workmanship and reliability, then choose us at Blockmasters Paving Durham; we’ve been creating beautiful high-quality tarmac driveways for homes throughout Durham and the North East for many years now. As specialists in our field, we make sure that every job we undertake receives expert attention from start to finish.

We work with many types of customers including homeowners, housing associations, estate and letting agents, and local authorities. With our wealth of local knowledge and experience, we can offer you a sleek and stylish tarmac driveway that will suit your individual requirements and be the envy of your surrounding neighbours.

No job is ever too big or small; we also provide a free consultation design service to architects and developers who wish to incorporate tarmac driveways into their new developments. Whatever type of tarmac driveway you are looking for, Blockmasters Paving Durham can put together a package designed specifically for you. We have well over 20 years’ worth of dedicated know-how behind us so you can be assured that every tarmac driveway installation by our company is completed to the highest possible standards, with the minimum of disruption to your routine.

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