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It’s easy to see why block paving is a prevalent driveway material. Block paving has several advantages over other driveway substances, like gravel or concrete, such as cost-effectiveness and durability. Nevertheless, if you do not understand what you’re doing, installing block paving can be tricky!

Here we’ll discuss how Blockmasters Paving Durham’s block paving businesses use the correct methods and equipment, who do the work most frequently in your location, as well as some points to consider before resorting to blocking paving for your driveway.

Block paving is a driveway substance that comes in various patterns, dimensions, and colour combinations. Concrete or crushed rock mixed with sand, cement, and water is commonly used to make the blocks. Other ingredients that we may use in blocks include composite material for stability and durability, salt to decrease the freezing point, and small stones to keep the weight down.

Block paving is commonly used for home driveways, pathways, and also car parks and public hard surface areas. It’s a preferred choice for high-traffic outdoor areas because it can resist the elements.

Block paving is a great solution to any driveway or path. Block paving offers many benefits over other surfaces such as tarmac and concrete. A new block paved driveway will cost you more than those other surfaces but it has some massive benefits that make every bit of the extra cost worthwhile. Block paved driveways are also commonly called brick paving or pavers because they resemble bricks laid on top of each other and stacked up to form an even surface – they can be installed quickly and easily once the subsurface has been prepared, with very little disruption to your property. They last longer than asphalt and concrete and they always look good – whether it’s a brand new installation or a renovation project of an existing driveway that’s been down for years, there’s no need to repaint or resurface them as you would do with other surfaces. The only requirement for block paving is to give it a nice thick base of crushed type 1 rock or gravel, which helps drainage and ensures there are no dips in the ground later on down the line. I can assure you this will not happen with Blockmasters Paving Durham. All our subsurface work is prepared to all the rules and regulations, guaranteeing no movement or sinking over time.

Advantages of Block Paving Driveways

A block paved driveway will typically have a much longer lifespan than other types of driveways. The asphalt drives can become loose after years of wear and tear, but the concrete blocks are much more sturdy. The best thing about brick paving is that it is so easy to repair. If you have damaged bricks lying around, just take them out and replace them with new ones. Block paving is extremely popular because it is very low maintenance, heat-resistant and slip-resistant. The other important benefit of block paving is that you can lay the pavers in different patterns so the design possibilities are virtually endless. It also doesn’t require too much work to maintain its appearance.

Block paving is very sturdy and will not require any repairs for years as long as you choose a reputable contractor to do the installation work. If you need another reason why people prefer block paving their driveways, then consider the fact that they can be resurfaced at any time with minimum changes to your property. This means that you can have a completely new look after 5 years if required.

There are many benefits to block paving, but the main benefit is that it will make life easier for whoever is regularly using the driveway. If you live in an area where there are often problems with ice and snow during wintertime, then this can make driving up your driveway in this weather extremely dangerous. Block paving will make your driveway much easier to drive on, even when there is ice or snow making the surface slippery. If you are looking for a modern finish for your drive which also gives benefits when it comes to using the driveway throughout winter then block paving should be considered by you.

Depending on the look that you want for your driveway, there are many different types of blocks that you can choose from. There are traditional square blocks that have a rustic appearance that would look great in an older style property and there is also modern rectangular block paving which would work extremely well in a contemporary setting. The different block paving colours and patterns available all depend on what look you want to achieve for your driveway, so make sure to work out what you want before choosing block paving for your driveway.

There are several different types of block paving available but what really matters when buying block paving installation services is what type of driveway you want, does your house have enough space, etc. Different types of block paving include machine-cut blocks, hand-cut bricks, split face blocks, and natural stones. When choosing a certain type make sure to take these factors into consideration since different types tend to vary in price and quality. However, you can always go with standard machine-cut pavers which make up about 70% of the market and you will be getting quality block paving materials.

Your block paving installation method will depend on whether it’s a residential or commercial project. Residential driveways are usually fitted by hand-laying, while commercial jobs are generally done using machines that speed up the process massively. Hand-laying produces a more traditional look, whereas machine laying can give more uniformity throughout your whole driveway and make it look a little tidier if done right. There’s also less back-breaking work involved with machine laying but this also depends on your exact situation and local conditions at the time.

Benefits of block paving

Functionality: Block paved driveways are extremely functional in every way possible because they stay durable, require little maintenance and last a lifetime.

Cost: Block paving is the most cost effective option because you will get years of enjoyment and use out of your new driveway without ever having to consider replacement costs.

Appearance: Block paving has an attractive appearance that enhances the value and appearance of any property it is installed on.

Maintenance: Block paving requires very little maintenance and is easy to clean.

Design Options: When it comes to block paving options, you can choose from many different design patterns and colors allowing you the freedom to enhance your home’s curb appeal.

Durability: The material used in block paving is extremely durable and will stand the test of time. – Environmentally friendly: Block paving is environmentally friendly because it can be recycled when it reaches the end of its life cycle.

Drainage: Block paving allows water to freely drain through, preventing any standing water or flooding problems around  your home’s foundation.

Strength: The material used in block paving is extremely strong and will ensure that your driveway withstands the test of time.

Personal touch: Block paving can be designed in many different designs and patterns, allowing you to personalize the appearance of your home’s exterior.

Increase property value: Installing block paving on your driveway will definitely increase the value of your home.

    Block paving patterns

    There are many patterns you can choose when block paving. You can opt for a simple square or rectangle pattern, straight lines, diagonal lines, staggered lines, and much more. It’s really down to personal preference. If you have a garden that has some curves or gentle slopes then your best option would be to spend time checking out different paving patterns and choose the one that works best for your driveway or patio.  If you have a huge garden with lots of space to play around with, then block paving in different shaped patterns would be a great way to add interest and character. Block paving has been used for years but it’s still a popular choice today because it provides a durable hard-wearing surface that can withstand heavy traffic. Old driveways eventually need replacing so it’s worth checking out some block paving driveways before you start.

    What block paving patterns are available?

    There are many different block paving patterns. Some of these are:

    – traditional brick pattern with square blocks

    – traditional brick pattern with rectangular blocks

    – square/random pattern which gives a rustic look to the driveway. This is made up of square or random-sized bricks, but all squares must be equal in size.

    – herringbone brick pattern

    – herringbone pattern with rectangular blocks. This is only used for driveways and paths. It gives a distinctive look to the driveway/path and can be laid in various patterns such as, traditional herringbone; diagonal herringbone; mirror image diagonal and reverse diagonals (what looks like chevrons).

    – square/random pattern with square bricks

    – square/random pattern with rectangular blocks. This is also known as ‘Montana’

    How do I clean my block paved driveway?

    Block paved driveways require regular care and maintenance in order to keep them looking pristine and lovely. There is nothing worse than seeing a neglected patch of poor quality block paving which has moss growing on it or weeds breaking through the surface. Fortunately, no matter how much neglect it’s endured, there is always something you can do about it! It may take a little time and effort, but who wouldn’t invest a little TLC into their block paved driveway if it meant seeing an improvement?

    1. The best way to start with your block paving maintenance is simply by giving the entire area a good sweep using a broom. Brush away all dirt, leaves, and other debris which has accumulated over the surface in order to get rid of any hiding places for weeds or moss. If your block paved driveway has weeds growing through it, you’ll certainly want to get rid of them before they get too much bigger and harder to remove. Thankfully, this is easy enough with the use of a weedkiller spray which is easily available from most gardening centres or DIY stores.
    2. The next step would be to take care of any weeds or moss which has begun to grow through your block paving driveway by scrubbing them away gently using a stiff-bristled brush and warm, soapy water. Moss is particularly stubborn and can sometimes require the use of an alternative type of cleaning agent, but if you’re careful, it’s easy to remove. 3. One final step before you seal the paving is to sweep away any fine debris, dirt, or dust that may have gathered on the surface of your block paved driveway over time. This can be done with ease using a broom or stiff-bristled brush, depending on how large an area you’re cleaning up.
    3. Finally, to protect your block paving driveway from damage caused by the sun’s UV rays, oils, and other chemicals in car exhaust fumes, or general wear-and-tear you will want to apply a coat of sealant over the surface. This can be done using an ordinary garden sprayer available at any DIY store or alternatively, if you’re working on a small area, you can simply use a paintbrush and then wipe away any excess sealant that is not absorbed into the paving with a clean rag. Once the sealant dries your block paved driveway will be ready for traffic.













    Block Paving Installation Steps

    • Site preparation requires taking readings, identifying the area where we will work, and removing any dirt particles from the site.
    • Digging down to an acceptable sub-base point (generally around 18” inches below the surface)
    • Backfilling with type1 MOT sub base material
    • Putting a sand layer all over the entire region where we will place the blocks and compacting area
    • Position edging blocks, and build steps if required, construct appropriate framework for main block paving area
    • Commence filling in area with blocks
    • Cut and lay finishing blocks
    • As a result, we guarantee that the blocks are set in a layout that ensures solidity.
    • We compress the block with a compacting vibrater, utilising slow, even motions across the entire surface, careful even pressure is applied that will not damage the paving bricks.
    • Once the block has been compressed sufficiently, there’ll be no crevasses between individual bricks.
    • Sweep in dry kiln jointing sand and vibrate again, repeat the process until joints are full. This ensures the block paved area is tightly locked together, and guarantees a strong block paving job.


    “I still remember when I first moved into my new home. I walked out of my front door and noticed that the tarmac driveway was really looking past its best. I started searching the internet for some companies that could help me resurface my driveway with something more exciting than plain old tarmac. I came across a company called Blockmasters Paving Durham, and after looking at their website I was instantly impressed with their work. When the team arrived to carry out the work, they were very professional and friendly. They explained all of the natural benefits of a block paving driveway before they started any work. After a few days my driveway looked so much better than what it used to. I highly recommend Blockmasters Paving Durham if you are thinking of getting a block paving driveway service near you.”

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